Saturday, August 18, 2007

somber days

I got my second dSLR - the Fuji S5 Pro, but it was delivered to me just a few days before the sudden passing away of my father, and I didn't have any chance to photograph him with it ...
When compared with my first dSLR (the Nikon D80), it's a heavy equipment; yet it's nothing when compared with the leaden heart of mine. It was my dream to shoot with a Fuji dSLR, but the moment I got it, I didnt know what to do with it... I eventually managed to pick it up, and had been using it to take as many photos of my family as I could, as if I were losing memory of their faces ...

I somehow took these shots on the way to visit my father's house.
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This touches me so much, of course I can relate to it easily. Thnaks for mentionning it to me, I do appreciate you trust me as I trust you... I'll answer you on my page now but wanted to let some friendly kisses here, under the moving text and those photos on the path of your dear father ~ Thank you, Hugo***

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