Tuesday, September 11, 2007

low light photography

Curious eyes

risky job

Mexican street performers

Four ladies...

"The Index is up again..."

Eye-catching food
"Camera equipment itself does not take pictures - photographers do that... " while I'll always remember this, I must say that the s5 Pro has brought me to another level of satisfaction as long as low light photography is concerned... Here are my initial impression of this superb equipment and some snapshots taken with it using the 'Auto ISO' & Auto WB settings:
"... it's capable of better high ISOs and Auto WB than my previous dSLR, the Nikon D80. I therefore decided to select Auto ISO (1600) and Auto WB in trying it out further... I've now taken over 2,000 pics; pleasantly surprised that I don't feel much need to change the settings and that I can concentrate my attention on composing and capturing the "moment". :-)"
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