Friday, February 29, 2008

harmony in the contrast ...

... or contrast in harmony.
Tin Hau Temple & Baptist Church

St John's Cathedral & Banks


Blogger iSmith said...

Nice juxtapositions. I find its always nice to find these contrasting subjects, that would otherwise be unobserved by the passer by.

Hope all is well?


8:24 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Hi Ian,

Among the friends I met on the Forum, I dare say your the one who have the best eye for these interesting subjects... Couldn't wait to see your web (Studio 72?) start rolling!! Please let us know when it's ready.:-)

Have a nice weekend!


2:58 AM  
Blogger LeslieC said...

Hi Hugo,
I have been follwing your blog regularly and find your many of your pictures capture the vitality and humanity of the "common and mundane" activities of daily life in a crowded urban setting.

your pictures remind me of Singapore during my childhood in the 60s and when I compare what Singapore is now as compared to what it was, it makes me wonder what was the price to be paid for "progress" - Singapore's chinatown is now a tourist attraction but it has lost it's soul.
Your pictures are an important historical record of the everyday happenings and locations which the KH govt should keep in the archives.
Both cities (KH and Singapore) are porgressing at such a fast rate that no one has taken a systematic visual record of the places before redevelopment changes the physical surroundings forever.

your photos serve as a reminder of the human activity and community that existed before redevlopment.

with best wishes

4:12 AM  

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