Saturday, November 18, 2006

3 weeks with a sample fuji f30 ...

What a pleasant surprise that the Fuji Photo Products (of Hong Kong) was interested in my works and gave me the opportunity to test use a SAMPLE F30 before it's lauched!

Yes, I was overjoyed, yet I didn't forget to make myself clear to Fuji before accepting the invitation: First, I'm not a 'professional' who could produce appealing pics as an assignment with a deadline. Second, I lack the technical knowledge in digital cameras to produce any professional camera review. So all I could do was to try to capture the moments that my eyes saw "something" and my heart felt it too during this 3 weeks time and in the end I had enjoyed every moment this sample F30 was in my hand, so much that I couldn't resist to buy a new one almost immediately afterwards ...
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