Friday, December 14, 2007

shadows of father & son...

it was a relaxing sunday afternoon and I took the chance to prowl the streets around Pokfulam... the windows pattern, newly painted walls (Lee Sing Primary School), lightened by the beautiful afternoon sunlight caught my eyes...

... but I didn't expect that my heart would be so touched in the end, by the shadows of this father and his son; didn't know why, I felt that my father was still by my side, though I could not hold his hand anymore...


Blogger Ian Bramham said...

Hugo - your eloquence with words is matched only by your beautiful and evocative photography.

I treasure every moment that my 9 year old son wants to hold my hand as we walk down the street, knowing that one day he may not want to...

Best wishes,


7:15 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Hi Ian,

How nice to see you dropping by! Thanks so much for the warm words.:-)

You're so right... I know cause my son is already 16 now. Fortunately my 10 year old daughter will still let me hold her hand occasionally... though I can kiss her cheek only when she's asleep.

My best regards to you and yours,


2:45 AM  

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