Monday, January 07, 2008

my answer to ian bramham's

Just as I thought that I wouldn't post anymore on the FTF (which had got "polluted" and stuffed with empty talks and biased disputes on equipments), Ian Bramham, one of the best photographers I've known on the Forum, posted some wonderful night shots of Paris:
He has brought life and hope to the Forum and... made me want to post again.:-)

"sheung wan by night"

"capturing a capture"

"merry x'mas & happy new year - central by night"

"rushing home"

"walker evans... "

"an old pipe & a cat... "

"Cameras and lenses are simply tools to place our unique vision on film. Concentrate on equipment and you'll take technically good photographs. Concentrate on seeing the light's magic colors and your images will stir the soul." Jack Dykinga

Image quality factors, IMO, are far less important than the core photographical elements in conveying an atmosphere or giving distinction to the subject... When would people stop being caught up in the equipment and focus again on getting a well composed photograph? I myself love the F30 pics as much as the s5 pics...

Posted on the FTF 080105:


Blogger BikeFixe said...


Your recent post, and Ian's, contained the most memorable photos I've seen in the last few weeks. Saw both on the FTF, and promptly added your blog's RSS feed. I'm a lurker and newcomer to FTF. Negative comments by a few there, yes, but I'm quite sure you're energizing a greater number of us. Many thanks.

3:22 PM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Hi Bikefixe,

Thanks a lot for your warm support!!

Maybe I should call myself photofixe - I'm truely photo fixated.:-)

Happy 2008!


9:06 PM  
Blogger Ian Bramham said...


I just wanted to let you know that if you ever really do stop posting your wonderful photos to FTF I'll be heartbroken.

Like you too I'm sure, I still think of it as my home forum and the place where I feel welcomed amongst like minded friends.
Your posts there are the main reason I got into photography and the only reason I bought an F31.

I hadn't realised things had grown so bad there until I saw the depth of feeling in your wonderful post following on from mine.

I've been smitten by my brand new Nikon D40 so have been using that almost exclusively in the last 6 weeks however I'll make more of a conscious effort to take photos with my F31 so I can post to FTF.

I've never really been interested in the technology of cameras (unless it helps me take a better photo) so posting my photos is the only way I can contribute to that wonderful forum which got me started in photography.

Best wishes,


(PS _ I seriously think that your photo of the boy walking home may be the very best one I've seen from you which is really saying something as I love nearly all of them right back to the early F10 photos)

2:16 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...


In my past few years with the FTF, my photos have been wonderfully well received, but the most gratifying thing is witnessing more and more people having tremedous fun in this photography thing, even before they possess any expensive and sophisticated equipment...

"... The more time you waste worrying about your equipment the less time you'll have to put into creating great images... " Ken Rockwell

IMO, it's nothing particular wrong or bad to be interested in equipment; it's nothing particular right either. But it's a total waste of time to dwell on the subjective personal liking for a particular equipment (brand or model) and dispute that of the others.

Well, maybe it's only me, but time has always been the biggest problem...

See you and take care.:-)


PS. I seriously think that you're one of the best (if not the best) since I joined the FTF. Just keep shooting with your heart... and personally, I don't care what brand of camera you might be using!:-)

6:23 AM  

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