Wednesday, March 05, 2008


maybe to a lot of people, this image is just a pretty ordinary view. But for someone living in a concrete jungle, having to work from nine to nine every weekday, what can be more rewarding than sharing a view of the green with his family in the weekend, especially when the bitterly cold winter has finally come to an end...

BTW, this is actually no countryside... this green patch is a hillside adjacent to Chi Fu Garden (a residential estate in Pokfulam), where we take our daughter to her tutor on Saturdays... :-)
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Blogger iSmith said...

Hi Hugo,

I think maybe you deserve a vacation to somewhere relaxing, away from the hustle of city life and work. I've can't remember you posting any travel photos in the year's I've know you - it can't be good for your health!

Have you been to Europe? There's plenty here to keep your trigger finger happy :o) And you've got plenty of friends around the world to advise you on anywhere you're not familiar with.

What do you think?


ps. a nice and sharp photo, but is it a bit dark in the corners?

11:26 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Dear Ian,

I'm truly touched by your advice... all my best friends are suggesting the same to me! And, if I could make it, London must be one of the first places I'll visit.:-)

Regarding the dark corners of the pic, it's only my processing. Whatever processing I've applied (can't recall exactly... might have added some vignetting), it must be reflecting the mood/state of melancholy that I've fallen into especially after the Lunar New Year. Anyhow, this is an image I love very much myself, don't know why...

Thanks and best regards,

10:10 PM  
Blogger Ian Bramham said...

It's always refreshing to take a photo of something new isn't it....I'm sure that must be part of the attraction. Where I live on the edge of the English Peak District we are surrounded by rolling green hills like this one yet I long to be able to have an extended period of 'street' photography.

One of life's little ironys I guess!

Best wishes,


5:25 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Hi Ian, let's continue to enjoy this little irony of our life then.:-)

Happy shooting!


8:23 AM  

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