Saturday, March 01, 2008

means or end ...

"... cameras, lenses and even image quality factors, IMO, are far less important than the core photographical elements in conveying an atmosphere or giving distinction to the subject... When would people stop being caught up in the means and focus again on the end - getting a photograph that touches heart?" I couldn't help asking everytime I visited the Forum.
Here's a recent candid I took inside a restaurant, just a few days before the Valentine's Day... Didn't have any photo taking equipment with me except the cell phone but I still decided to give it a try cause the moment was so lovely and sweet. Glad I did; this is one of my recent favourites despite its technical imperfections...

PS. My personal favourite is still the one taken with the flawed F10:


Blogger iSmith said...


Hugo, I couldn't agree more. I find it funny, and disappointing, at the endless 'discussions' people have about their 'compact, point and shoot' cameras. If only they would realise that the margin of difference in the actual photographs these machines will take usually depends on the person taking the photo, not the equipment they use.

Though not as sharp or well exposed as a 'real' camera, your phone has caught an excellent moment of expression and emotion. Congratulations!

All the best,


2:33 AM  
Blogger Lion King said...

Hi Hugo:

This is Lion from Taiwan. I saw your pictures in blog one day, i am so touched, especially those old street. I have been to HungKng last year, but i can't take pictures affectingly, your realy so good!

may i have your blog link?

and this is mine:

5:30 PM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Ian: Makes my day to read your words... Thanks for reinforcing my belief!:-)

Lion: Thanks for the incredibly wonderful comments!!! You have a very lovely blog and I have it bookmarked too.:-)

See you and take care,

6:24 AM  
Blogger Ricardo said...

Completely agree Hugo. It's never the camera, it's the photographer. The camera doesn't take by itself the photos. It doesn't frame, compose, choose the subject and so on.

This was taken with my Fuji F810 ultra compact:

I am using it lately.

This one with my Olympus e-410:

2:44 PM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Thanks Ricardo!

You certainly have a way to capture people's expression.:-)

Best regards,

6:01 AM  

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