Friday, April 04, 2008

"two weeks with the F100..."

... it's been a while, really quite a while, since I last started a thread on the Forum. Glad I did cause the wonderfully warm and sensible responses have made me feel that the good old days are back... To one who had treated the Forum as his digital home and of whom photography has been a passion (obsession), it meant a lot!!!

air conditioner hoods

"father & baby"

"McDonalds or Chiu Chau food?"


wanchai people - southorn playground

"chasing a dog"

"working late"

PS. Click to enlarge & view exif info.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic photo Hugo....the two that really stand out for me are the first one of the air conditioner hoods and the one of Wanchai People - Southorn Playground....the light and shadow on this one is stupendous!

I hadn't realised you had posted a new thread over at FTF so I'll look it up right now :-)


8:39 AM  
Blogger Fiona said...

I love the playground one too, but maybe the sun in the picture is a little distracting? The painting of the horses "chasing the dog" - is that enthusiastic graffiti, or professional work?

3:00 PM  
Blogger iSmith said...

Love the angle and perspective of the first shot Hugo, it really makes the subject more interesting.

Sorry I haven't been able to keep my posts coming through, my computer is on its last legs, and am currently looking to replace it. But will be back soon...

Take care, Ian.

6:10 AM  
Blogger natnat's mom said...

Wow! The photos are again amazing! I love the "father & baby" most, followed by "chasing a dog" which is pretty interesting. Looking forward to more photos!

7:48 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

How wonderful to hear from you, old friends and new friends!:-)

Bramham: though I remain I'm not unduly excitable, more than 1500 photos have been taken with the sample F100 in two weeks' time! But how could I resist when scenes such as the two you mentioned caught my eyes and mind... really glad that FTF is much safer and cleaner these days.:-)

Fiona: it's great to hear from you again. Maybe the sun was a bit strong but it's really the last moment before it went down behind the buildings, and it's exactly this very moment (mood) that I tried to capture... the mural seems to be something arranged by the Government to celebrate HK's being a co-host city for the Olympics 2008.:-)

Ian: sorry to hear that. I shared the same pain when my home PC suddenly broke down and took me more than one whole week to get everything back on track again.:-( Wish you the best of luck...

Natnat's mom: the scene ("father & baby") is touching, isn't? I was particularly drawn to how the baby was watching her dad... time seems to go faster when one gets old - it's like yesterday when my daughter was a little baby like this but that's in fact 10 years ago.

Have a nice weekend everyone!


9:02 AM  
Blogger natnat's mom said...

Hi Hugo,

Yes, the father& baby scene is very touching. It strikes a chord in me especially as I am a mother to a young girl (3 yrs old) and a baby.

I feel so much emotion and peace just looking at that photo. ;-)

8:24 AM  

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