Wednesday, May 14, 2008

may day encounter ...

met this crowd when I was on the way back to my office in wanchai...

"well ... "

"maybe ... "

what's really unexpected was that on the next day, at the same location, my way back to the office was blocked again... this time it was some enthusiastic students welcoming the olympic torch relay.

"reds ... "

"and blues"

(Click the image to enlarge & view exif info.)


Anonymous ianbramham said...

Lovely shots Hugo, I can't tell you just how different Hong Kong is from the little village in Cheshire where I of my biggest ambitions in life is to be able to go to Hong Kong and do some serious 'street' photography although I'm sure I'd miss the peace and quiet of the countryside after a while.

My wife has a French passport and spent a long time living in Paris (but she's originally from Cambodia) so we may go back there to retire when the time comes but that's a long time off yet - I hope I'll still love photography with just as much passion when I'm older!

12:22 PM  
Blogger hugo poon said...


How wonderful that will be if you can come one day and we can do some shooting together... there're so many places I'll love to show you around... In the meantime, just hope our pics can complement each other.:-)

Talking about the passion for photography, after going through the various "mental slumps" (that we've discussed on the FTF), I've somehow found a shift in the meaning of this photography thing to me. It's not my primary goal now to create extraordinary great images that can wow people at a glance. With photography, I'm observing my life, expressing it and sharing it with others in an enjoyable way... And so I guess, as long as I'm enjoying living, I'll still love photography with just as much passion.:-)


9:50 AM  

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