Thursday, June 05, 2008

service reservoir, pokfulam country park ...

a view from the Tregunter Path. It's quite a sight, isn't it...

PS. I tried to heighten the atmosphere through processing the pic in the "miniature" style.

(Click the image to view the larger)

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Blogger iSmith said...

Hi Hugo,

I like the effect - though I get the feeling of looking at an oversized (or a close-up of a) broccoli :o)

Take care, Ian

4:58 AM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

How are you Ian? Though I'm normally not a big fan of digital art, playing with this "miniature" technique on some landscapes is really fun.:-) Thanks for introducing this to me. "Broccoli?" Yes, looking at the trees in HK, I always have that feeling too.

Take care,

10:56 PM  

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