Friday, May 16, 2008

des voeux road west ...

also called the "tram road", but even more commonly known as the "dried seafood street" – it's been a trading centre selling traditional dried seafood for more than 100 years. Shark fin, abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, oyster, just name it; you can find it... I wish I could capture that unique strong odor filling the entire street.:-)

(Click the image to enlarge & view exif info.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo...I left a comment over at DPReview for you.

There's something about the daytime B&W shots that you are getting with this camera that I think are absolutely amazing....beautiful rich tones with great depth!

3:11 PM  
Blogger hugo poon said...

Thanks so much Ian for leaving your nice compliments. These pics are special to me. I used to pass by this part of Des Voeux Road West almost every afternoon when I was a middle school student - the happiest time in my life... And now the trams, dried seafood shops, old pre-war buildings, and the warm afternoon sun just combine to remind me of those lovely days...

Best regards,

5:18 AM  

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